Results of the 2017 Russian Chamber Music Festival

December 9th, 2017

Congratulations to all winners and participants!

Solo Piano

Piano A – up to 5 years

1st Place: Moxi Zhu

2nd Place: Dana Wang

3rd Place: Vince Lee

Honorable Mention: Sophia Cheng, Mia Pham, Oliver Wang

Piano B – up to 7 years

1st Place: Leonardo Zhou

2nd Place: Emily Qi

3rd Place: Joshua Kwan

Honorable Mention: Arabelle Grote, Chris Jin, Nicolette Yang, Stephanie Wang

Piano C – 8-10 years

1st Place: Nicholas Grote

2nd Place: Kylie Liu, William Wang

3rd Place: Kaitlyn Lee

Honorable Mention: Jeffrey Zhao, Harrison Li, Elaina Mergler, Thejas Karthik, Naomi Elsing

Piano D – 11-12 years

1st Place: Jonathan Zheng, Zhirui Jerry Li

2nd Place: Grace Wang, Olivia Qi

3rd Place: Stefan Adrian Chita, Constantina Tsang

Honorable Mention: Christina Hahn, Hikari Kondo, Minoo Jang, Nora Lu Sharma

Piano E – 13-15 years

1st Place: Andrew Shaw, Karen Haining

2nd Place: Andrew Wang, Daniella Tsang

3rd Place: Claire Kim, Ezekiel Taton

Honorable Mention: Samuel Abraham, Christopher Marley, Jesse Morris,  Quennie Nguyen, Jonathan Shu, MeiLan Uyeno

Piano F – 16-18 years

1st Place: Janet Park Phang

2nd Place: Owen Espinosa, Andrew E. Flury

3rd Place:Larry Wang, Anna Goncharenko

Honorable Mention: Stephen Binondo, Megan Lu, Connor Zhang

Piano G – 19-26 years

2nd Place: Sum Yee Lee

3rd Place: Addison Kuth

Piano H – 27 years and older

Honorable Mention: Zachrey Robbins


Scriabin Elite

Scriabin A – 11-12 years

1st Place: Meredith Nam

Scriabin B – 13-15 years

1st Place: Claire Kim:

3rd Place: Takoda Zuehlke

Scriabin C – 16-18 years

1st Place: Anna Goncharenko

2nd Place: Alexander Elizarov



Concerto B – up to 13 years

1st Place: Meredith Nam

2nd Place: Luke H Chen

Ensemble A – 14 years and up

1st Place: Dajeong Yoon, Hyun Yoon

2nd Place: Jeslyn Cai, Justin Cai

Ensemble B – up to 13 years

Honorable Mention: Jeffrey Zhao, Andre Ye


Solo Strings:

Strings A – 11-14 years

2nd Place: Meredith Nam

3rd Place: Kevin Nam

Honorable Mention: Jarom Gardner, Sue Yu, Laura Hwang

Strings B – 15-18 years

1st Place: Allyson Yao

2nd Place: Johan Olsson

Honorable Mention: Martha Sprague, Kelly Chen