Listen to 2011 Winners

The following tracks are from the pre-concert show at the RCMFS-organized Winter Nights event on February 12, 2012, at Nordstrom Recital Hall at Benaroya, featuring the winners of the 2011 Competition and Festival. More information on the competition can be found here.  A list of winners and information from the 2011 Competition and Festival can be found here.

[mp3-jplayer tracks=”2001_02-Track-2.mp3, 2001_04-Track-4.mp3, 2001_06-Track-6.mp3, 2001_08-Track-8.mp3, 2001_10-Track-10.mp3, 2001_12-Track-12.mp3, 2001_14-Track-14.mp3, 2001_16-Track-16.mp3, 2001_18-Track-18.mp3, 2001_20-Track-20.mp3, 2001_22-Track-22.mp3″ captions=”George Shao; Nicole Yang; Jaden Zhang; Steve Silverberg; Nathan Lee; Shannon Cassady; Andrew Liu; Charles Lu; Chelsea Bloomberg; Lidia Kotlova; Kevin Chien”]