Rules for 2012 Festival/Competition

The competition will be held at the Sherman Clay Piano Store at 1624 4th St. in downtown Seattle on December 15th, 2012.

The competition will last all day. Leave adequate time to arrive well before your assigned performance time. No changes or special scheduling accommodations will be possible.

You may observe other contestants as you wish.

Eligible performers: residents of the U.S. and other countries. The first place winners from 2011 are not eligible to win in the same category, but are encouraged to compete in a different category and with different repertoire. Contestants must compete in their own age group. Contestants from Concerto group, one of the Chamber Music groups, or the Seasons group may also participate in a solo group. Performers in the adult groups and chamber music group are not required to be currently studying with a teacher. Performers in the college group must be currently enrolled in an accredited college or university. Categories are listed below:

Group A – 5-7 years (up to 4 minutes) – Fee $40
Group B – 8-10 years (up to 5 minutes) – Fee $45
Group C – 11-14 years (up to 7 minutes) – Fee $50
Group D – 15-18 years (up to 10 minutes) – Fee $55
Group E – up to 18 years – Tchaikovsky’s The Seasons, Op. 37a (1 selection) – Fee $50
Group F – College (up to 13 minutes) – Fee $60
Group G1 – Adults without music degree (up to 13 minutes) – Fee $65
Group G2 – Adults with music degree (up to 13 minutes) – Fee $65
Group H – Concerto (pre-college students up to age 18) – Fee $60
Group I – Chamber Music (all ages) – Fees $80 (duet), $120 (trio), $160 (quartet). Other
ensembles, please inquire for fee.

Prizes: First place winners will receive a trophy, second place will win a rosette, ranked honorable mentions will receive a ribbon, and unranked honorable mention will receive a certificate. Special prizes will be awarded in Group C, D, and F for best performance of: a) Prokofiev piano sonata movement, b) Scriabin piano sonata movement, and c) Shostakovich Prelude and Fugue. If there is only one performance in a given category (e.g. only one Prokofiev sonata movement in Group F), the judge(s) may elect not to award a special prize. Two first prize winners from categories A, B, C, D, E, or F will be selected to receive a $250 scholarship.

Prize Performances:
“Keyboard Wizards” Concert: first place winners from every category will perform.
Benaroya Pre-Concerts (February and October 2013): performers will be selected at the “Keyboard Wizards” concert.
King FM Northwest Focus: All first place winners, except those performing pieces requiring two pianos.
Benefit events during the 2012-2013 season: all first place winners.
Outreach programs in schools: all first place winners.

Winners with pieces requiring two pianos are not eligible for performances at Benaroya and King FM, but will have additional performance opportunities.

Prizes and adjudications sheets will be available shortly after completion of judging for each category. All prizes and adjudication sheets must be picked up at the competition; no materials will be mailed to participants.

Teachers and/or students are responsible for presenting the judge with an original music score (no photocopies) with measures marked in the margin. (Competitors who forget their music or only have a photocopied version may play if they wish, but will not receive a judge’s evaluation or be eligible for any prize.)

Dress Code: Please dress professionally – no athletic shoes, cargo pants, or jeans. Boys: dress shirt and dark pants. Girls: dresses, skirts, or nice trousers.

All music will be performed by memory. (Exception – chamber music). All selections will be by Russian or Soviet composers. Groups F and G may perform transcriptions, but all transcriptions must be approved by RCMFS prior to submission of entry form (contact Chelsea Bloomberg –

No warm-up instruments will be available on the day of the competition.

Hand-held video cameras are permitted; no tripods, please.  No flash photography.

Application forms should be filled out and submitted online and payment made via ClickAndPledge using the “donate” button on the online application page at Chamber groups: you may pay the entirety of the entry fee from one group member’s application or divide the entry equally between all members and pay individual portions with each member’s application form. Do not mail entries!

Teachers and performers will be notified by e-mail of entrant’s playing time and contestant number no later than one week before the competition.

Please submit applications online as early as possible after September 1. Applications will only be accepted between September 1 and December 1. The application is available online at