Application forms will be available October 1, 2022

2022 Russian Chamber Music Foundation of Seattle
Russian Music Competition
Saturday, December 3rd
9 am to 7 pm
All instruments welcome!


Mercer Island Presbyterian Church
3605 84th Ave SE, Mercer Island, WA


Piano, strings, woodwinds, brass, voice


Solo works, Chamber works & Concertos


Pianists may play any published solo work(s) by any living or deceased composers of Russia and other Soviet era countries. Pianists must use standard published repertoire (This refers to music printed for distribution and sale and available through the general market in printed form with legal copyright printed on the music). Participants must use legally-obtained music that is available to the general public. Music purchased from a legal internet source meets the criteria if it is accompanied by copyright and proof of purchase information. All repeats and Da Capos may be omitted.


Memorization is REQUIRED for ALL divisions EXCEPT for Chamber division. Chamber includes piano duos, trios, quartets, quintets, etc.  A concerto may NOT be categorized as chamber work.


Medals/Diploma may be given based on merit: Gold, Silver and Bronze. No honorable mentions. Up to 3 Gold medals may be given to each age division. Multiple Silver & Bronze medals may be given in each age division. All pianists will receive Achievement E-certificates, and valuable feedback from World-Class adjudicators from around the country. All top medalists will be featured on our Facebook page. Several outstanding musicians may be invited to perform in future RCMFS concerts.


Solo Piano (must be memorized):

PIANO A – up to 6 years (up to 4 minutes) – Fee $60

PIANO B – 7-8 years (up to 5 minutes) – Fee $65

PIANO C – 9-10 years (up to 6 minutes) – Fee $70

PIANO D – 11-12 years (up to 7 minutes) – Fee $75

PIANO E– 13-14 years (up to 8 minutes) – Fee $80

PIANO F– 15-16 years (up to 9 minutes) – Fee $85

PIANO G – 17-18 years (up to 10 minutes) – Fee $90

PIANO H  – 19 years and older (up to 11 minutes) – Fee $95

Concertos (soloist performs memorized, with or without accompanist):

CONCERTOS, any instrument A – 13 years of age and under (one movement, up to 10 minutes) – Fee $90

CONCERTOS, any instrument B – 14-18 years (one movement, up to 19 minutes) – Fee $95

Solo Strings (soloist performs memorized, with or without accompanist):

STRINGS A –13 and under (no concertos, up to 8 minutes) – Fee $85

STRINGS B – 14-18 years (no concertos, up to 11 minutes) – Fee $90

Solo Winds/Brass/Voice/Miscellaneous (soloist performs memorized, with or without accompanist):

BRASS, WIND, VOICE, MISC A – 13 and under (up to 8 minutes) – Fee $85

BRASS, WIND, VOICE, MISC – 14 and older (up to 10 minutes) – Fee $90

Ensemble (piano duo, piano trios, etc. Memorization optional):

ENSEMBLE A – Average age 13 and under (up to 10 minutes) – Fee $90 per group

ENSEMBLE B – Average age 14 and older (up to 11 minutes) – Fees   $95 per group