Thank you and congratulations to ALL our brilliant musicians! Gold Medalists’ Youtube Video links now viewable on our Facebook page:

PLAYLIST NOW AVAILABLE. If you are a participating teacher or student in the 2021 Competition and would like the official PLAYLIST of our 180 musicians, please EMAIL our registrar: info@russianchambermusic.org

Asterisk (*) denotes that the Gold Medalist was chosen by the adjudicator to perform at the Live Concert on January 15, 2022, Mercer Island.

PIANO A – up to 6 year olds:

Adorace Liu (teacher: Anastasia Solomatina)
Crystal Jiao (teacher: Hanna Cyba)
Ellie Zhang (Ekatherina Melkamini)*
Lena Fujita (teacher: Elaine Chung)

Harper Li (Ekaterina Melkamini)
Zachary Chen (Hanna Cyba)

Eleanor Liu (teacher: Grace Huang)
Jonathan Wu (teacher: Ni Liu)
Kandice Chen (teacher: Ni Liu)
Megan Kong (teacher: Anastasia Solomatina)
Muya Zhang (teacher: SH Youn)
Rebecca Li (teacher: Grace Huang)
Shuyao Ren (teacher: Ekaterina Melkamini)

PIANO B1 – 7 year olds:

Daniel Chiang (teacher: SH Youn)
Molly Wu (teacher: Anastasia Solomatina)
Raymond Zhou (teacher: Tatiana Sharapova)*

Amelia Fu (teacher: Ni Liu)
Amy Li (teacher: Ni Liu)
Blaire Wang (teacher: Adam Aleksander)
Chloe Wang (teacher: Adam Aleksander)
Finley Cai (teacher: Ni Liu)
Gillian Liu (teacher: Anastasia Solomatina)
Jamie Ma (teacher: Ekaterina Melkamini)
Julia Yang (teacher: Hanna Cyba)
Kyle Tan (teacher: Emily Cho)
Lingyi Li (teacher: Mengyiyi Chen)

Chloe Wu (teacher: Grace Huang)
Eden Kim (teacher: SH Youn)
Grace Lin (teacher: Ni Liu)
Hailey Xu (teacher: Hanna Cyba)
Kevin Yao Zhuang (teacher: Ni Liu)
Roy Kim (teacher: Elaine Chung)
Sophie Qin (teacher: Grace Huang)

PIANO B2 – 8 year olds:

Alexander Wang (teacher: Tatiana Lanford)
Alvin Lee (teacher: SH Youn)*
Ethan Xu (teacher: Hanna Cyba)

Lucas J. Kim (teacher: Elaine Chung)
Miranda Hu (teacher: Ni Liu)
Nicole Wang (teacher: Tatiana Lanford)
Paris Li (teacher: Hanna Cyba)
Ru-Shan An (Hanna Cyba)

Anabelle Lo (teacher: Elaine Chung)
Harrison Kim (teacher: Jae-In Shin)
Mika Shadeck (teacher: Tatiana Sharapova)
Serena Kim (teacher: Elaine Chung)

PIANO C1 – 9 year olds:

Dana Wang  (teacher: Ni Liu)
Lingxi Chen (teacher: Olga Solomatina)
Sydney Cui (teacher: Adam Aleksander)*

Caiden Kim (teacher: SH Youn)
Eric Yang (teacher: Grace Huang)
Ethan Cheng (teacher: SH Youn)

Jessie Wu (teacher: Ni Liu)
Skye ZB Drabas (teacher: Ni Liu)

PIANO C2 – 10 year olds:

Arabelle Grote (teacher: Ni Liu/Peter Mack)*
Eric Xue (teacher: Adam Aleksander)

Connor Wang (teacher: Tatiana Sharapova)
Kyle Liao (teacher: Natalya Ageyeva)
Lenka Dzunic (teacher: Heather Howland)
Yueyan Wang (teacher: Grace Huang)

Angela Li (teacher: Ni Liu)
Emily Zhang (teacher: Adam Aleksander)
Simon Zhu (teacher: Maria Maltseva)
Vera Li (teacher: Hanna Cyba)
Xuejia Ni (teacher: Anaida Nagdyan)

PIANO D1 – 11 year olds:

Audrey Cui (teacher: Adam Aleksander)*
Joshua Kwan (teacher: Peter Mack)
Stephanie Cheng (teacher: Ni Liu/Millie McFall)

Angie Wang (teacher: Adam Aleksander)
Chris Zang (teacher: Sharon Kim)
Ever Sun (teacher: Tatiana Lanford)

Alexander Vollmer (teacher: SH Youn)
Emily Liu (teacher: Adam Aleksander)
Jonathan Xie (teacher: Ni Liu)
Kayla Hua (teacher: Anaida Nagdyan)
Nina Iorik (Ekaterina Melkamini)

PIANO D2 – 12 year olds:

Albert Zhang (teacher: Adam Aleksander)
Ashley Zong (teacher: Alexandra Tsirkel)
Enzo Zhao (teacher: Oksana Ejokina)*

Alexandra Deschenes (teacher: Ni Liu)
Blake Nelson (teacher: Oksana Ejokina)
Hadassah Ho (teacher: Peter Mack)
Michelle Li (teacher: Nino Merabishvili)

Edmond Hu (teacher: Ni Liu)

PIANO E1– 13 year olds:

Nicholas Grote (teachers: Ni Liu/Peter Mack)*
Grace Li (teacher: Adam Aleksander)

Avery Pun (teacher: Ni Liu)
Melanie YuTong Liu (teacher: SH Youn)
Phil Yao (teacher: Ni Liu)

Alex J. Kim (teacher: Elaine Chung)
Benicia Zhu (teacher: Ni Liu)
Haowen Zhang (teacher: Grace Huang)
Jian Zhou Chen (teacher: Alexandra Tsirkel)
Victor Fu-Zhou (teacher: Donna Bender)
Yeriel Kim (teacher: Thomas Lee)

PIANO E2– 14 year olds:

Corlan Costello (teacher: Wayne Weng)
Earnest Wheelwright (teacher: Adam Aleksander)*
Kai Canton (teacher: Rafael Liebich)*

Alexander Du (teacher: Anastasia Solomatina)
Coiln Sarabosing (teacher: Yunbo Cassady)
Harrison Li (teacher: Ni Liu)
Jascha Silberstein (teacher: Tatiana Charapova)
Jason Nam (teacher: SH Youn)
Jeffrey Zhao (teacher: Maria Maltseva)
Mingyue Yang (teacher: Victoria Bogdashevskaya)
Paloma Oh (teacher: Eliza Vysotsky)

Alexandra Millman (teacher: Donna Bender)
Elaina Mergler (teacher: Marie Wollam-Mergler)
Emani Burkhart (teacher: Angelo Rondello)
Meredith Weaver (teacher: Donna Bender)
Noah Maeda (teacher: Irena Kirova)

PIANO F– 15-16 years old:

Eric Y Ma (teacher: Peter Mack)
Hanjia Guo (teacher: Donna Bender)*
Yechong (Eric) Shan (teacher: Ivona Kaminska)

Alan Duan (teacher: Olga Solomatina)
Constantina Tsang (teacher: Ni Liu/Peter Mack)
Logan Chu (teacher: Anastasia Solomatina)
Meredith Nam (teacher: SH Youn)
Minoo Jang (teacher: Adam Aleksander)
Ryan Chung (teacher: SH Youn)
Stefan Adrian Chita (teacher: Tatiana Lanford)

Alexander Zhang (teacher: Adam Aleksander)
Catherine Xue (teacher: Nino Merabishvili)
Cristina Kosilkina (teacher: Tatiana Charapova)
Evelyn Chow (teacher: Olive Yau)

PIANO G – 17-18 years: 

Annika Jonson (teacher: Kay Zavislak)
Ethan Sun (teacher: Duane Hulbert)
John Meneses (teacher: SH Youn)
Joshua Jung (teacher: Adam Aleksander)*
Sherri Xu (teacher: Hanna Cyba)

Jaden Zhang (teacher: Ni Liu)
Peter Donley (teacher: Willard Schultz)

PIANO H – 19 years and older:

Silas Berlin (teacher: Peter Mack)*

Jennifer Siney (teacher: SH Youn)

Hailun Wu (teacher: Victoria Bogdashevskaya)

ENSEMBLE A – Average age 13 and under:

Vince Lee/Kaitlyn Gia Lee (teacher: SH Youn)*

Emily Qi/Olivia Qi (teacher: Ekaterina Melkamini)

Eva Akulova/Ellen Chen (teacher: Tatiana Sharapova)
Lourdes Ko/Inez Ko (teacher: SH Yoon)

ENSEMBLE B – Average age 14 and older: 

Hyunjae Kim/Minjae Kim (teacher: SH Youn)*
Patrick Yoon/Hyun Yoon (teacher: SH Youn)*

Hannah Girges/Sarah Girges (teacher: Cherlyn Johnson)
Jamie Kwon/Jason Kwon/Jane Kwon (teacher: SH Youn)

Jascha Silberstein/Cristina Kosilkina (teacher: Tatiana Charapova)

PIANO CONCERTOS A, Up to 13 years of age:

Melanie YuTong Liu (teacher: SH Youn)

Patrick Yoon (teacher: SH Youn)

PIANO CONCERTOS B, 14-18 years: 

Minjae Kim (teacher: SH Youn)

Jeffrey Zhao (teacher: Maria Maltseva)

BRASS, WIND, VOICE, MISC – 14 and older:

Megan Cullen, voice (teacher: Darrell Babidge)*
Angela Dong, flute (teacher: Jia Lu)

STRINGS A –13 and under:

Evangeline Zhang, cello (teacher: Olga Ruvinov)*
Yeriel Kim, violin (teacher: Jae-in Shin)

Caitlin Kong, cello (teacher: Olga Ruvinov)
Calvin Chang, violin (teacher: John Kim)
Diandian Xu, cello (teacher: Mingqing Yu)
Felicia Qiang, violin (teacher: Debra Zadinsky)
Florence Qiang, violin (teacher: Debra Zadinsky)
Rosie Yin, cello (teacher: Lu Yang)
William Wang, cello (teacher: Kai Chen)
Yuexi Lu, cello (teacher: Meng Cui)

STRINGS B – 14-18 years: 

Jean Yu (teacher: Leslie Marckx)*
Yue Yu (teacher: Yang Lu)

Alysia Chen (teacher: Jae-in Shin)
Christopher Ahn (teacher: Debra Zadinsky)
Eddie Yin (teacher: Debra Zadinsky

Asterisk (*) denotes that the Gold Medalist was chosen by the adjudicator to perform at the Live Concert on January 15, 2022, Mercer Island.


2021 RULES


Piano, strings, woodwinds, brass, voice


Solo works, Chamber works & Concertos


Pianists may play any published solo work(s) by any living or deceased composers of Russia and other Soviet era countries. Pianists must use standard published repertoire (This refers to music printed for distribution and sale and available through the general market in printed form with legal copyright printed on the music). Participants must use legally-obtained music that is available to the general public. Music purchased from a legal internet source meets the criteria if it is accompanied by copyright and proof of purchase information. All repeats and Da Capos may be omitted.


Memorization is REQUIRED for ALL divisions EXCEPT for Chamber division. Chamber includes piano duos, trios, quartets, quintets, etc.  A concerto may NOT be categorized as chamber work.


ONE LINK only, even if multiple pieces are performed. Must be a single, continuous take without pausing, stopping or editing. All YouTube links must showcase performances recorded AFTER July 1, 2021.  No edits, cuts or trimming any of the works will be permitted. All pieces must be performed memorized. While there is no penalty for pianists exceeding the TOTAL playing time for each Age Division, adjudicator will STOP performance when maximum time allotment is reached. The recording must show face hands and continuous uninterrupted performance if more than one piece is performed. Pausing between pieces is permitted, but camera must not be paused or stopped. No post editing or splicing permitted.

For TITLE section in YouTube it must say “2021 RCMFS Competition” followed by NAME and AGE (e.g. 2021 RCMFS Piano Competition, Johnny Appleseed, age 12) For the DESCRIPTION section in YouTube, list piece(s) performed in the correct order. Include composer name, piece(s) titles, catalog numbers like Opus, etc. (e.g. Prokofiev Sonata No. 7 in B flat Major, Op. 83, first movement)


Virtual E-Medals/Diploma may be given based on merit: Gold, Silver and Bronze. No honorable mentions. Up to 3 Gold medals may be given to each age division. Multiple Silver & Bronze medals may be given in each age division. All pianists will receive Achievement E-certificates, and valuable feedback from World-Class adjudicators from around the country. All top medalists will be featured on our Facebook page. Several outstanding musicians may be invited to perform in future RCMFS concerts.


Solo Piano (must be memorized):

PIANO A – up to 6 years (up to 4 minutes) – Fee $60

PIANO B – 7-8 years (up to 5 minutes) – Fee $65

PIANO C – 9-10 years (up to 6 minutes) – Fee $70

PIANO D – 11-12 years (up to 7 minutes) – Fee $75

PIANO E– 13-14 years (up to 8 minutes) – Fee $80

PIANO F– 15-16 years (up to 9 minutes) – Fee $85

PIANO G – 17-18 years (up to 10 minutes) – Fee $90

PIANO H  – 19 years and older (up to 11 minutes) – Fee $95

Concertos (soloist performs memorized, with or without accompanist):

CONCERTOS, any instrument A – 13 years of age and under (one movement, up to 10 minutes) – Fee $90

CONCERTOS, any instrument B – 14-18 years (one movement, up to 19 minutes) – Fee $95

Solo Strings (soloist performs memorized, with or without accompanist):

STRINGS A –13 and under (no concertos, up to 8 minutes) – Fee $85

STRINGS B – 14-18 years (no concertos, up to 11 minutes) – Fee $90

Solo Winds/Brass/Voice/Miscellaneous (soloist performs memorized, with or without accompanist):

BRASS, WIND, VOICE, MISC A – 13 and under (up to 8 minutes) – Fee $85

BRASS, WIND, VOICE, MISC – 14 and older (up to 10 minutes) – Fee $90

Ensemble (piano duo, piano trios, etc. Memorization optional):

ENSEMBLE A – Average age 13 and under (up to 10 minutes) – Fee $90 per group

ENSEMBLE B – Average age 14 and older (up to 11 minutes) – Fees   $95 per group