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Open to the piano, brass, winds, strings, and instrumental ensemble

We are so excited for this year’s competition, and to hear your wonderful talent and discipline come alive through music! APPLY TODAY. Deadline is December 18, 2020. YouTube links may be sent anytime before December 18th, but registration should be done prior to link submission. Space will be limited. Medal results will be announced by December 23rd. 

Open to piano, brass, winds, strings, and instrumental ensemble.

Please consider our rules for entry carefully before submitting your application. All questions may be directed to Michael Clark at

Our 2020 competition will be 100% online-based! Please read the complete rules below.


Residents of the U.S. and all other countries are welcome to compete. Contestants must compete in their own age group. Contestants from the Concerto group, or one of the Chamber Music groups, may also compete in their respective soloist age group. Performers above age 18 –and chamber music groups — are not required to be currently studying with a teacher.

Music must be composed by Russian composers.

Application processing fees are non-refundable. Categories are listed below. We have made alterations to our age bracketing this year, so take extra note when applying:



Solo Piano:

Piano A – up to 8 years (up to 5 minutes) – Fee $65

Piano B – 9-10 years (up to 6 minutes) – Fee $70

Piano C – 11-12 years (up to 6 minutes) – Fee $75

Piano D – 13-14 years (up to 7 minutes) – Fee $80

Piano E – 15-16 years (up to 8 minutes) – Fee $85

Piano F – 17-18 years (up to 10 minutes) – Fee $90

Piano G – 19 years and older (up to 13 minutes) – Fee $95


Concerto A – Concerto, up to 13 years (one movement, up to 13 minutes) – Fee $90

Concerto B – Concerto, 14-18 years (one movement, up to 19 minutes) – Fee $95

Ensemble A – Chamber Music, majority of group age 13 years and under (up to 13 minutes) – Fees    $90 per group

Ensemble B – Chamber Music, majority of group age 14 years and older (up to 13 minutes) – Fees   $95 per group

Solo Strings:

Strings A – 11-14 years (up to 7 minutes) – Fee $85

Strings B – 15-18 years (up to 10 minutes) – Fee $90

Strings C – 19 years and older (up to 13 minutes) – Fee $95

Solo Winds/Brass/Voice/Miscellaneous:

W/B/V/M  –  A – 11-14 years (up to 7 minutes) – Fee $85

W/B/V/M  –  B – 15-18 years (up to 10 minutes) – Fee $90

W/B/V/M –  C – 19 years and older (up to 13 minutes) – Fee $95




Up to three YouTube links may be submitted. You may also choose to provide one link with multiple pieces performed in one sitting, but no more than 3 pieces can be submitted. Set to UNLISTED, not private.

For Solo: All pieces must be recordings made after September 1st, 2020. Must be performed memorized.

Video editing or acoustical enhancements are NOT permitted.
Face and hands must be visible at all times.


Please dress professionally – no athletic shoes, cargo pants, or jeans.

Video Uploading:

Only YouTube format will be permitted. NO dropbox, Microsoft files, Google docs, ICloud share etc.
Video link title MUST include the following:

  • 2020 Russian Chamber Music Foundation of Seattle Competition
  • Full name of musician
  • Age of musician (as of December 18, 2020)
  • Composer(s) and title of piece(s) performed



All music will be performed by memory, except chamber works.  All selections will be works by Russian or Soviet composers, in their original form. Selections for solo piano groups must be solo pieces, but non-piano groups may use concertos if they wish. Transcriptions are allowed but must be approved by RCMFS prior to submission of entry form (example of non-acceptable piece – “Theme from Tchaikovsky First Piano Concerto” for solo trumpet). Pieces must not be edited (shortened) for any reason without prior approval of RCMFS. Non-piano participants may choose accompanied or unaccompanied pieces, and, in the case of the former, must provide their own accompanist.

Please time and report your selection(s) carefully – this will determine how much time you are allotted on the schedule.

No changes will be possible in the program once the application is received.



Winners will be announced by December 23rd. We will post results by the 23rd on our website and Facebook.

Gold medalists will receive a trophy, silver and bronze medalists will receive a medal. Up to four performers will be selected to receive $250 Scholarship awards.

If there are fewer than three competitors registered for a category, the judge may elect not to award a prize. In any category, the judges have the right to withhold any prize or award additional prizes for any reason. All judgments are final and may not be contested. If there are a high number of entrants in a category, the competition coordinators may choose to divide the category into smaller groups that will be judged individually.

For Concerto Division, Gold Medalist(s) will receive a letter of recommendation. No performance engagement with symphony will be offered as a prize for 2020.



Application forms should be filled out and submitted online and payment made via ClickandPledge using the “Pay Application Fee” button on the application page under Competition. Chamber groups may pay the entirety of the entry fee from one group member’s application or divide the entry equally between all members and pay individual portions with each member’s application form. Once you have submitted payment, there are no refunds for withdrawn entries. Mailed entries will not be accepted.

Because this is an online competition, please apply early. Space will be limited. You may include your URL during your application process, or simply submit your link(s) by Friday the 18th of December. You can submit your URL to We will post the winners online on the evening of December 23rd, 2020.

The application is available here.


Thank you for your careful consideration of these rules. If you have any questions or concerns, feel free to contact Michael Clark, our competition director, at