*please note: italics indicates a performance that is longer than the time allotted for that group (these pieces will be cut without affecting the performer’s score)

Judge: Maria R   Room: Sanctuary
9:00 Piano C Jeffrey Zhao March of the Dreadful Villain Barmaley, Slonimsky, Prelude in A flat major, op.34 no.17 , Shostakovich
9:05 Piano C Jiaqi Chen The Seasons – December/Christmas, Tchaikovsky
9:10 Piano C Harrison Li 24 preludes, op. 38: No. 8, Kabalevsky, prelude in C major “Harp” No. 7 from Ten pieces, Op. 12, Prokofiev
9:10 Piano C Nicholas Grote Variations on a Theme of Paganini, Isaac Berkovich
9:16 Piano C William Wang Sledding From the Hill, Balys Dvarionas
9:20 Piano C Ava Y. Zhang Nocturne by M. Glinka
9:26 Piano C Avery Pun Fairy Tale, Kabalevsky,  Sonatina Op. 13, No 1, Movement, Kabalvesky
9:32 Piano C Chiara Rogers Etude Op.42 No.5 in C Sharp Minor by Scriabin
9:38 Piano C Gabrielle Tam Dmitri Shostakovich: “Waltz”, “The Mechanical Doll”
9:42 Piano C Grace Wanzhu Li April from The Seasons Op.37a by Peter Tchaikovsky
9:46 Piano C Iris Zheng Tchaikovsky: Neapolitan Song Op. 39, No.18 AND  Kabalevsky: Toccata from Four Rondos Op. 60
9:50 Piano C Avelyn Lee Waltz, Maikapar, Etude, Khatchaturian
9:54 Piano C Corlan Costello Cappricio, Valery Gavrilin
9:58 Piano C Elaina Mergler The Leopard on the Swing, Aram Khachaturian, Scherzo, Grigori Frid
10:02 BREAK
10:15 Piano C Jingyan Ren S. Maykapar: Waltz in D Major, Op. 28 No. 5 AND  D. Kabalevsky: Sonatina Op. 27, No. 18
10:19 Piano C Joanna Chu Serge Prokofiev : Music for Children Op.65 No. 4 “Tarantella”
10:21 Piano C Julia Yi Ellegie- Amani
10:24 Piano C Kaitlyn Gia Lee Nocturne in E flat major by Mikhail Glinka
10:30 Piano C Kylie Liu Elegie by S. Youferoff
10:36 Piano C Madeleine Howland Toccata By: Aram Khachaturian
10:43 Piano C Naomi Elsing Mikhail Glinka – Nocturne in F minor “La separation”
10:49 Piano C Paloma Oh Ballade No. 3, Op. 53, A. Lyadov,  Prelude in C Major for Piano “Harp”, Op. 12, No.7, S. Prokofiev
10:54 Piano C Thejas Karthik Sonatina 1959 in C major first movement by Aram Khatchaturian
10:57 Piano C Vincent Tri Tran 1. Rondo-Toccata Op 60 no 4 By: Kabaleusky.  2. Song of the Lark Op 39 no 20 By: Tchaikovsky.
11:00 Piano C Nicholas Grote Variations on a Theme of Paganini, Isaac Berkovich
11:06 Piano C Jayden He Lyrischer Walzer, Dmitri Schotakowitsch
11:09 judging and break
Judge: Maria R   Room: Sanctuary
11:25 Piano G Addison Kuth Contemplation Op. 47 by Nikolai Kapustin
11:32 Piano G Sum Yee Lee Rachmaninoff Prelude Op3 no2 in C Sharp Minor, Rachmaninoff Elegie Op3 no1
11:42 Piano H Zachrey robbins  Scriabin Prelude Op. 74 No. 3, Rachmaninoff Prelude Op. 32 No. 10
11:52 judging – clear the room
12:00 Lunch
Judge: Maria R   Room: Sanctuary
12:45 Piano D Angelique Wu January, Tchaikovsky
12:53 Piano D Grace Wang Romance in F minor Op. 5, Tchaikovsky
1:00 Piano D Leqi Chen The Seasons Op 37a No.6 “June”, Tchaikovsky
1:07 Piano D Mia Chen Opus 23 Prelude #5  in G minor, Rachmaninoff
1:13 Piano D Sarah Li April from “The Seasons”, Op. 37a No. 4, Tchaikovsky
1:17 Piano D Stefan Adrian Chita Prelude in G Minor  Op.23  No.5, Rachmaninoff
1:23 Piano D Aoife Kelly Visions Fugitives, Op. 22, No 14 and 15, Prokofiev
1:27 Piano D Ava Safaeian Nocturne in F minor – “La Seperation” , Mikhail Glinka
1:32 Piano D Christina Hahn Waltz op.59 no.2 by Edvard Schütt
1:40 Piano D Constantina Tsang L’Alouette (The Lark) by M Glinka,  No 9 from Twenty-Four Preludes Opus 38 by Dmitri Kabalevsky
1:50 BREAK
2:05 Piano D Fanghua Hu Sonatina in C major , Op.13 No.1, Dmitri Kabalevsky
2:15 Piano D Hikari Kondo Etude Op. 33 No. 4 in D minor-Rachmaninoff
2:20 Piano D Jonathan Zheng M. Kazhlayev
2:28 Piano D Lucia Oh Impromptu, A. Babajanian,  Waltz from the Adventures of Ivan, A. Khachaturian
2:35 Piano D Minoo Jang Rachmaninov: Etude Tableau g- op 33/8
2:40 Piano D Nora Lu Sharma Valse Op.10, No. 2 by Sergei Rachmaninoff
2:45 Piano D Rachael Kim March from The Seasons, Tchaikovsky
2:48 Piano D Sasha Shor April, Pyotr Ilyich Tchaikovsky
2:51 Piano D Zhirui Jerry Li Two Part Invention, Humoresque- Rodion Shchedrin
2:58 judging – clear the room
Judge: Maria R   Room: Sanctuary
3:08 Piano E Jaden Zhang Scriabin: Prelude Op.11 No. 1, Vivace, Scriabin: Prelude Op. 11 No. 14, Presto, Scriabin: Prelude Op. 11 No. 21, Lento
3:15 Piano E Andrew Shaw Kapustin Etude #1 “Prelude” from Concert etudes op.40
3:19 Piano E Andrew Wang Sonata in A Minor Op. 28 No. 3, Prokofiev
3:28 Piano E Christina Stepin Preludes from op. 34, number 2 in A minor, Shostakovich, Preludes from op. 34 number 16 in D flat major, Shostakovich
3:32 Piano E Derek Wong Montagues And Capulets, Sergei Prokofiev
3:36 Piano E Elizabeth Fleck Op.32, No 5,Prelude, Rachmaninoff
3:40 Piano E Claire Kim Basso Ostinato by Shchedrin
3:46 Piano E Jesse Morris Prelude Opus 53 No. 12, Nikolai Kapustin
3:49 Piano E Malini Nayak 3 fantastic dances, op 5, Shostakovich
3:55 Piano E MeiLan Uyeno Rachmaninoff Prelude in G
4:00 Piano E Quennie Nguyen Elegie Op. 3 No. 1, Rachmaninoff
4:07 Piano E Christopher Marley Melody in E major, Op 3, No. 3, version 2 by Rachmaninoff
4:13 BREAK
4:25 Piano E Isabel Fleck  Op75, No 6, The Montagues and Capulets from Romeo and Juliet, Prokofiev
4:30 Piano E Clara Brown Sarcasms 1 by Prokofiev
4:34 Piano E Daniella Tsang Prelude in D from 10 preludes Opus 23 by Rachmaninoff, Mephisto Valse from film “Lermontov” by Prokofieff
4:42 Piano E Ezekiel Taton Scriabin Op. 11, No.4, Shostakovitch, Polka from the ballet “L’Age d’or”
4:49 Piano E Jonathan Shu Lyadov: Prelude,op. 57, no. 1 AND  Prokofiev Suggestions Diabolique op.4, no. 4
4:58 Piano E Karen Haining Nikolai Kapustin – Eight Concert Etudes, Op. 40, No. 7 “Intermezzo”,  Sergei Rachmaninoff – Morceaux de fantaisie, Op.3 No. 3 “Melodie”
5:10 Piano E Maggie W. Duan Scriabin Seven Preludes op. 17 – No. 3,  Sergei Prokofiev: “Waltz” Op. 65 No. 6
5:16 Piano E Nicole Yang Lilacs Op. 21 No. 5 by Rachmaninoff
5:20 Piano E Samuel Benjamin Abraham Sonata No. 3 1st Movement-  Dmitri Kabalevsky
5:28 Piano E William Norden Flight of the Bumblebee, by Nikolai Rimsky Korsakov
5:32 Piano E Ainsley Guay Khatchaturian Toccata
5:38 judging – clear the room
Judge: Mara   Room: Atrium
9:00 Ense A Jeslyn Cai, Justin Zhu Cai Sinfonietta Op. 49, composed by Kapustin
9:07 Ense A Dajeong Yoon, Hyun Yoon Scheherazade No. 1 The Sea and the Sinbad’s Ship by Rimsky-Korsako,    Khachaturian: Waltz from Masquerade
9:22 Ense A Ellen Li, Andrea Liao Armenian Rhapsody for two pianos, Alexander Harutyunyan and Arno Babajanyan
9:29 Ense A Keadrin Dick, Kirill Polyanskiy, Jason McDougall Trio No. 2 in E minor, Op. 67, 4th movement, Shostakovich
9:40 Ense B Andre Ye, Jeffrey Zhao March from The Love of Three Oranges, Sergei Prokofiev
9:44 Strings A Meredith Nam Vocalise Op. 34 No. 14 for Cello, Rachmaninoff
9:51 Strings A Sam Kuo Nocturne Op.19 No.4, Peter Ilich Tchaikovsky
9:57 Strings A Jarom Gardner Etude Op 8 No. 11 Alexander Skryabin
10:03 Strings A Sue Yu Improvisation, Op.21, Dmitry Kabalevsky
10:09 Strings A Kevin Nam Montagues and Capulets from the Romeo and Juliet suite, Prokofiev
10:16 Strings A Laura Hwang Prokofiev: Masks from Romeo and Juliet
10:19 judging and break
Judge: Lisa B   Room: Atrium
10:40 Strings B Johan Olsson Violin concerto in C major opus 48 1st mov., Kabalevsky, edited by Josef Gingold.
10:47 Strings B Martha Sprague Cello Sonata in G minor, Op. 19 Andante – 3. movement, Rachmaninoff
10:56 Strings B Kelly Chen Shostakovich Cello Concerto No. 1 First movement
11:04 Strings B Allyson Yao Dance Orientale – Rachmaninov
11:10 Concerto B Luke H Chen Concerto No. 1 Opus 49, mvmt III Allegretto, Kabalevsky
11:18 Concerto B Meredith Nam Concerto No. 3 in D major Op. 50 Movement III, Kabalevsky
11:26 judging – clear the room  
11:30 Piano A Sophia Cheng March, Shostakovich, Ditty, Kabalevsky
11:35 Piano A Mia Pham Old French Song, Op 39, 16 by Peter TchaikovskyOp 39, 21
11:39 Piano A Dana Wang Peter Tchaikovsky, Sweet Dreams, Op 39, 21Op 39, 21
11:43 Piano A Moxi Zhu Fairy Tale, Op. 27, No. 20 by Dmitri Kabalevsky, Clowns by Dmitri Kabalevsky
11:48 Piano A Vince Lee The Clown by Kabalevsky, Etude in A minor by Kabalevsky
23:50 Piano A Oliver Wang Pieces for Children Op.27 No. 2 “Little Song”: Dmitri Kabalevsky
11:52 judging and announcement
12:07 Piano B Arabelle Grote Sad Story – Op. 27, No. 6, Dmitri Kabalevsky, Sonatina – Op. 27, No. 18, Dmitri Kabalevsky
12:12 Piano B Chester Pham Etude(Ivan is Very Busy) by Khachaturian, Andantino by Khachaturian
12:17 Piano B Joshua Kwan Prelude in G major, Kabalevsky, Prelude in C minor, Kabalevsky
12:21 Piano B Leonardo Zhou Gavotte and Waltz from “Dances of the Dolls”, Shostakovich
12:25 Piano B Liana Tang The Mechanical Doll, Shostakovich, Evening Op 65 no 11 by Prokofiev
12:29 Piano B Stephanie Cheng The Seasons- March, tchaikovsky
12:33 Piano B Angela Lin  D. Shostakovich: March from Six Pieces for Children, Shostakovixh: The Mechanical Doll
12:35 BREAK
12:50 Piano B Lan-Anh Nguyen 1. Little Song Op 27 no 2 by Kabalevsky,  2. The Crown by Rebikov
12:53 Piano B Chris Jin Sonatina Op 27, No 16-  Dmitri Kabalevsky,  Daydream -Tchaikovsky, Op 39 No 21
12:58 Piano B Jessica Yang D. Shostakovich: The Mechanical Doll,  K. Eiges: Fête Op. 6, No. 3
1:01 Piano B Jingrong Ren D. Kabalevsky: Variations on a Russian Folk Song, N. Ladoukhin: Allegro op. 10 no. 11
1:05 Piano B Mackenzie Schroeder Pieces for Children Op. 27 No. 8 “Lullaby”- Dmitri Kabalevsky
1:08 Piano B Nicolette Yang S. Maykapar: Lullaby from Little Novelettes Op. 28,  V. Selivanov: Scherzetto
1:11 Piano B Stephanie Wang Maykapar: Biriulki op. 28, Waltz, Ladoukhin: Allegro op. 10 no. 11
1:15 Piano B Victor Zhao The Lark by Glinka-BalakirevThe Hobby Horse by Tchaikovsky
1:17 Piano B Jade Ye Ditty, Kabalevsky, Old Dance, Kabalevsky
1:21 judging – clear the room
1:30 Lunch
Judge: Lisa B   Room: Atrium
Piano F Group
2:00 Piano F Janet Park Phang Sonata No. 3 in F-sharp Minor, Op. 23, III. Andante, IV. Presto con fuoco A. Scriabin
2:10 Piano F Larry Wang Nocturne, Borodin,  Rondeau-Chase, Desyatnikov
2:15 Piano F Megan Lu Suggestion Diabolique, Sergei Prokofiev
2:19 Piano F Owen Espinosa Sonata No. 3, Opus 28 by Sergei Prokofiev
2:35 Piano F Riley Gronlund Andante et Variations in B Major Op. 36 No. 23, Anton Arensky
2:42 Piano F Ruiheng Chen Polichinelle, Op. 3 No. 4, Sergei Rachmaninoff
2:48 Piano F Shoshana Novik Romance in F minor, op. 5, Tchaikovsky
2:57 Piano F Zhemin Shao L’alouette Balakirew-Glinka
3:05 Piano F Antoinette Fang Big Band Sounds Op. 46, Nikolai Kapustin, Five Preludes, Op. 74 No. 2, Alexander Scriabin
3:13 BREAK
3:25 Piano F Jake Lee Piano Sonata No.7, Op.83 III. Precipitato, Prokofiev
3:30 Piano F Jerry Zhu Toccata in E-flat minor, Aram Khachaturian
3:38 Piano F Lucinda King Prelude in D Minor, Edouard Baghdassarian
3:43 Piano F Stephen Binondo Prokofiev Sonata No. 1 in F minior Op. 1
3:53 Piano F Andrew E. Flury Etude-tableau in D Major, Op. 39, No. 9, by Sergei Rachmaninoff
3:58 Piano F Anna Goncharenko Alexander Scriabin Etudes Op.2 No.1; Op.8 No.2; Op.8 No.4; Op.8 No.5
4:08 Piano F Connor Zhang 1) Poeme, Op.32, No.1 in F-sharp major by Scriabin, 2) Prelude in G minor Op. 23, No.5 by Rachmaninoff
4:17 Piano F David Barnett Prelude Op.32 No.8, Sergei Rachmaninoff
4:20 Piano F Christopher Huang Fantasie in B minor, Op. 28, Scriabin
4:30 judging – clear the room
Judge: Natalya   Room: Atrium
4:45 Scriabin A Meredith Nam Poeme No.1 Op. 32, Scriabin
4:50 Scriabin B Claire Kim Etude No.5 Op. 42 in C Sharp Minor by Scriabin
4:55 Scriabin B Takoda Zuehlke Scriabin Op. 11 Pt. 1 No. 5
4:58 Scriabin C Alexander Elizarov Scriabin Etude in D-sharp Minor, Op 8 No 12
5:05 Scriabin C Anna Goncharenko Scriabin Etude Op.8 No.2, Scriabin Etude Op.8 No.2, Scriabin Etude Op.8 No.4, Scriabin Etude Op.8 No.5
5:15 judging – clear the room